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Herbs for Activating Creativity 

A Virtual Offering by Sesalli Castillo

Saturday, May 18th
10:30am - 12pm PT | 1:30pm - 3pm ET
Virtually on Zoom

In this class, we’ll explore opening up to our own creativity and the plants that can support us in this expansion.


+ Herbal tea & flower essence recommendations that you can work with in your creative practice
+ Exercises you can return to  for support with creative blocks and activating creativity
+ An opportunity to connect with other people on their herbal creativity journey 
+ Class will be recorded & sent out to participants afterwards


+ a pen or something to write with
+ a few sheets of paper or a notebook
+ crayons, markers, and/or colored pencils

︎no previous experience with plant medicine required ︎


1. Scroll to choose the most appropriate sliding scale price based on the factors below:

  • $15 - low-to-no income individual holding multiple marginalized idenities (BIPOC, LGBTQ, disabled,  etc.)

  • $20  - low income individual holding mulitple idenities associated with privilege (white or white passing, cisgendered, heterosexual, etc.) 

  • $25  - average-to-high income individual holding multiple idenities associated with privilege and institutional power. 

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...curious about how plants can support them in their creative process

...feeling creatively blocked

...wanting to bring more creativity into their lives

...looking to invest in themselves as an artist

ABOUT SESALLI (she/they)
Sesalli is a queer Chicanx artist and herbalist who loves to play with paint, collage, textiles, film & plants. Her work is deeply connected to the earth and guided by spirit. Having studied plant medicine under various teachers, she now provides community care through herbal formulations and consultations.

“Herbalism to me is building relationships with plants as ancestors and teachers that guide our bodies in remembering how to heal themselves. This work to me is sacred, ancestral and I take seriously my role as a holder of this knowledge and medicine. I’m excited to work with people that are curious about building relationships with the plants and supporting their body’s capacity for imagination as we build a new world.”

You can learn more about Sesalli here.